We have been the leading Shadeport manufacturer and installer in Gauteng for the last 11 Years,
Having installed well over 15,000 Shadeports, our workmanship speaks for itself:  SUPERIOR!
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Shade port is a cost effective and attractive alternative to conventional carports.
The Shade fabric allows for free air movement reducing the temperature and at the same time provides a shade factor up to 95% depending on the individual colour.
All Superior shade netting:

  • is SABS approved and has an 10 year warranty.
  • is fire retardant
  • has a high water runoff rate
  • uses virgin High Density Polyethylene – the best UV stabilizers
  • uses high quality refined pigments with high light-fastness properties
  • Is made of high-end fade resistant material
  • Utilize individual yarn strength technology to ensure the highest quality

Waterproof shade netting options are also available.
Only A grade steel is used in the manufacturing process of the shade structure.