What are Shade ports?

Shade ports are a cost effective and attractive alternative to conventional carports.
The Shade ports fabric allows for free air movement reducing the temperature and at the same time provides a shade factor up to 95% depending on the individual colour.

All Superior shade ports netting:
• is SABS approved and has an 8 year warranty.
• is fire retardant
• has a high water runoff rate
• uses virgin High Density Polyethylene – the best UV stabilizers
• uses high quality refined pigments with high light-fastness properties
• Is made of high-end fade resistant material
• Utilize individual yarn strength technology to ensure the highest quality

Waterproof shade netting options are also available.
Only A grade steel is used in the manufacturing process of the shade structure.

Fixed Shade port

Superior Shades Fixed Shadeport  is supported on all four corners, by means of wall mounts or columns.

Semi Cantilever

Superior Shades Semi Cantilever Shadeport  is the most popular form of shadeport. It combines the flexibility of a suspended shadeport with the stability of a fixed one.

Cantilever Shadeport

Superior Shades Cantilever Shadeport is suspended and supported from a single side of the structure,  through the use of bigger columns.


  • Better stability against storms
  • Possibility for bigger shadeports than other options
  • Bigger netting coverage area
  • Cost effective solution
  • Fixed side coverings can be easily implemented


  • More stability against storms
  • More flexibility in terms of partial suspension
  • Covers a bigger area – minimum limitation in material usages
  • Not as costly as a cantilever
  • Allows for a greater accessibility


  • No poles in front
  • Ease of accessibility
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Can be suspended over structures where further support is impossible


  • Inconvenient columns dependent on individual implementation circumstances


  • Let us know if you find any.


  • Maximum dimensions: 5m forward x 8m wide
  • Costly
  • Less stable in storm conditions than fixed shadeports

Materials Used

A-grade steel

Galvanized cable & one-way tension for optimum tension

Colour-code the poles:

*** colours can different because of calibration of your screen

Superior Shade Netting:


Colour Stripe

Colour Non-Standard